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Legacy Riders Purpose Is To expose Chiristan and non-Christian motorcyclist and automotive enthusiasts to God's Word, to encourage a life of Christ-like maturity that will magnify God's name, to offer themselves in service to Christ and care for one another.  Therefore Leaving a Legacy as We Ride

We gather monthly for social and ministry activities supporting the Ronald McDonald House, Carrie Tingley Hospital, etc.  For more information, call the church office at 505-831-0961.

If you have any prayer requests or need to speak to an officer, please email us at legacyriders@gmail.com.




President - Brent McGill (505)301-1200

Vice President - Joe Montano (505)459-1313

Sgt at Arms - Steve Vigil (505)991-0645

Secretary - Corbi McGill (505)504-8680

Treasurer - LeAnn Montano (505)440-1885

Event Coordinator - Tryce Gonzales (505)315-7652

Road Captain - Adam Antillon (505)908-1064

Safety Officer - Steve MacPhee (505)933-2300

Chaplin - Mike Heffron (505)239-1900

Chaplin - Pastor Tony Ramirez

Chaplin - Pastor Tim Carter