Legacy groups create a more intimate setting where God’s word will come alive through the studying of scripture, discussing questions and the continual building relationships.

This group provides for the spiritual, social, and emotional needs of seniors. Seniors at Legacy Church are going strong and strive to make a difference with each other, the younger generation, and the community. This includes Bible studies, social gatherings, trips, grandparents praying for their grandkids, transportation and parking needs.
Please Click Here For More Information or call the Central Office at 505-831-0961 or East Office at 505-433-5552.


Legacy Church offers an opportunity to join our Legacy Riders. The Legacy Riders enjoy riding motorcycles and classic cars and trucks, all in the service of our Lord. We meet regularly for social and community service events as well as Bible study. The Legacy Riders also sponsor various fundraisers for local charities and organizations to include: Make-A-Wish, The Ronald McDonald House, Carrie Tingley Children’s Hospital, The James McGain Foundation, and others. For more information, click here or call Steve Vigil at 505-991-0645.


Cancer Conquerors helps you discover how to persevere through the struggles of suffering from disease. This group is based on the hope, peace and promises God provided in His word. 

For information on this group, please contact Angela Nava at 505-831-0961 or anava@legacychurchnm.com.

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