We are excited to serve people around this city and around the world through legacy church outreach. These opportunites are focused on sharing the gospel and the love of christ to those in need.

Military Care Packages are sent out every quarter (March, June, September, and December) to active duty military personnel. An emphasis is made to include local items that will warm the heart of a soldier. Travel sized items for soldiers can also be donated. For more information call Angela Nava at the church office at 505-831-0961.


This group goes out to the local jails and prisons to minister and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our homeless ministry reaches out to those in need with a monthly service that provides live worship and a special service designed for children. We get to pray for individual needs, minister God’s Word and give people the opportunity to respond to the Gospel. Join the Homeless, Community Outreach Team and the S.O.S. ministries on the streets in the Albuquerque area. Come be a blessing!

The Good Samaritan Group provides occasional meals to active and serving church members who are recovering from medical issues and to those that have recently lost an immediate family member. Meals are delivered to qualified families by church Dream Team volunteers based on their individual schedules. For information on serving in this rewarding ministry, call Angela Nava at the church office at 505-831-0961.