Academy Staff

Cheryl-Lynn Larkin
Erika O'Leary
Maria Aragon
Administrative Assistant
Stephanie Garcia
South Campus Receptionist
Arlene Sandoval
North Campus Receptionist
Kimberly Putnam
Evangeline Villalpando
Event/Parent Communication Coordinator
Eric Boll
Athletic Director
Katherine Lindenmuth
Preschool Director, PE, Cheer Coach
Stephanie Garcia
Victoria Fleetwood
Preschool Educational Assistant
Valda Keliikuli
Cara Castanon
1st Grade
Molly Garcia
2nd Grade
Paula Mintle
2nd Grade
Darlene Lucero
3rd Grade
Lynne Tanaka
4th Grade
Brittney Orozco
4th Grade
Camille Martinez
South Campus Educational Assistant
Amara Romero
South Campus Academic Student Support
Stephanie Luna
5th and 6th Grade Math, Mentor Teacher
Ashley Gomez
5th and 6th Grade Science
Cuauhtemoc CastaƱon
5th and 6th Grade History
Elias Miera
5th and 6th Grade English
Theresa Maldonado
7th Grade Math and Science
Brooklyn Sandoval
7th Grade English and History, Volleyball Coach
Chris Perez
8th Geometry & Algebra, Basketball Coach
Courtney Ortiz
8th Grade English/Newspaper
Jennifer Hardinge
8th-10th Grade History/Health/Writers Workshop
Dolores Griego
8th-10th Grade Bible
Richard Pacheco
Technology and Fine Arts Director, Chapel
Sidney Sanchez
8th Science, 9th Biology, 10th Chemistry, Chapel
Michelle Robinson
K 5th-6th Computer Technology
Jamal Fenton
Physical Education and Basketball Coach
Jaqueline Parkin
Librarian, Math Support
Paula Myers
Before and After Care
Diana Alverson
Before and After Care
Kevin O'Leary
Cafe Manager
Robert Turrietta
Cafe Assistant
Eva Lopez
Cafe Assistant
Robert Atkinson
Cafe Assistant, Shuttle Driver
Art Contreras
South Campus Housekeeping/Maintenance
Jason Hidalgo
North Campus Housekeeping and Maintenance
Roland Garcia
North Campus Security
Bobby Ossenbeck
South Campus Security

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