FAQ about Easter

FAQ about being our guest on Easter weekend


What should I wear?

You’ll see all styles of dress. Some will wear suit and tie and dresses for women. Some will wear jeans and t-shirts. We may even see shorts if the weather is warm enough. To answer your question, choose an outfit you already own, one you feel comfortable in, and join us.

What will we do? What can I expect?

The teaching from Senior Pastor Steve Smothermon that is thought-provoking, engaging and based on the Bible. We have high-energy music and lights that all ages can enjoy and we offer age appropriate Bible teaching for your children. Pastor Steve will give people an opportunity to acknowledge Jesus as their Lord and Savior before we conclude the service.

And, yes, in full transparency, and in case you’re wondering, we will receive an offering. Our offerings fund the full range of ministries we offer in the church, community, and around the world. This takes less than three minutes of time.  You are not required, however, to participate during this time unless you choose to do so.

Will you embarrass me?

We don’t personally like to be embarrassed when visiting a new place, even in a church – and we love our church. Our goal is to create an environment which is comfortable for all. You WILL NOT be singled out as a visitor. We don’t make visitors stand, raise their hand, or even fill out a card if you choose not to do so. 

How long will the service last?

Service will last just over an hour. 

What time should I arrive?

What a great question! We suggest you arrive a few minutes early. Maybe even as many as 10 or 15 minutes early. It takes a little while to make your way through our building, especially if you have children to check into our children’s areas or this is your first time. We especially want you to find a seat where you are most comfortable (some want up close – some want in the middle – some like  the back row), and you’ll feel more acclimated to the room if you have a few minutes to adjust before the service begins. If you arrive early consider downloading our app – it’s free – and learn more about the church. 

Do you have something for children?

Absolutely. Birth through 5th grade has their own activities designed especially for them. They will enjoy a worship experience which will engage them at their level. So that people of all ages can enjoy our services we do ask that children 4 and under are not brought in to the Main Auditorium. Our children classes are really great. We also offer a parent room for those who cannot be separated from their children. You can even get them registered in advance – check out our Plan Your Visit page: https://www.legacychurchnm.com/be-our-guest



There’s no obligation beyond Easter Sunday. It’s a “free look”. We would love if Easter triggered a desire in you to be a part of our church family, but that’s totally your call – not ours.