Q. How will Legacy Academy monitor student and staff health?
A. Temperature checks will be done for staff and students.

Anything over 99.8F is considered a fever; please stay home if you are sick.

Q. What is the procedure if a student or staff member receives a positive COVID-19 test?
A. The class involved will be notified, and additional cleaning measures will take place at that time.
Q. Will school be full-time this year?
A. Yes!
Q. Will students have the option to attend online classes instead of attending on-campus classes?
A. We are working towards an online option.
 *Please note, there is no hybrid method. Families will need to choose one method. The online model will allow students to participate in sports and fine arts, and should begin August 24.
Q. How will the school promote healthy practices to students and staff for prevention?
A.Everyone (staff and students) will be given a face mask. Staff will also be provided with face shields. Hand-sanitizer stations are in all of our classrooms, and the teachers will encourage students to use them frequently.
Q. Will the school be using a professional cleaning service on campus?
A. Yes! Our facility will continue to remain clean and safe for all of our students and faculty. In addition to the cleaning service, we have detailed cleaning procedures that are followed each day.

We are continuing to look into equipment to kill bacteria and viruses to add to our high cleaning standards.

Q. Will the water fountains be operational?
A. Water fountains will only be allowed to fill up water bottles. All buildings also have touchless water fountain stations to fill water bottles.
Q. Will visitors be allowed on campus?
A. All visitors will have to fill out a health check form and have their temperature taken.
Q. Will athletics be available for students?
A. Sports will take place as determined by the NMAA guidelines and by league.
Q. Will the shuttle bus be operating?
A. Yes! The shuttle will continue to operate to/from East Campus, and will be cleaned after each use.

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