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We are a church that connects people with God, helps them grow strong and healthy relationships, and live a life full of generosity.


In addition to our Central Campus, Legacy has other locations throughout the Albuquerque metro area as well as in north Texas. Click on a location to find out more.

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Congratulations On The Greatest Decision You'll Ever Make In Your Entire Life!

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In order to feed your heart and to grow in your relationship with God, there are several things that are really important for your walk.

  First off, you need to make church a priority. You have to attend church regularly. That is where you hear the Word and get to know the Word.

  Then we want you to get involved and serve God. I want you to go to the Next Step Class. It's imperative we begin serving immediately. Don't wait for too long. Don't make it a habit to do nothing as a believer. Start believing by doing and acting. You can come and be a part of the church, get involved, and get to know people.

  We really do want you to connect with God, grow relationships, and live generously. Thank you so much and again, congratulations on the greatest decision you'll ever make in your life!

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