Are you ready to take the next step in your walk with God?

This class will take you through 4 weeks of learning about the church, growing as a Christian, finding your place in a ministry and becoming a part of something great here at Legacy Church!
Week 1: “Church 101”
This week is all about who we are at Legacy Church, the structure of our leadership, and how serving God is about serving others.  Church 101 will be held every first weekend of the month.
Week 2: “Essentials 201”
This week is all about habits of growing Christians, prayer, living a spirit-filled life and living generously. We will also help you to discover your personality type though the DISC assessment and what teams you would fit best in. Essentials 201 will be held every second weekend of the month.
Week 3: “Spiritual Gifts 301”
This week is all about discovering your spiritual gifts and matching them with a ministry.  You will be given the opportunity to choose a ministry that you would like to get involved in. Spiritual Gifts 301 will be held every third weekend of the month. 
Week 4: “Dream Team 401”
This week you will connect with team leaders and begin training in the ministry area you chose to serve! You will need to complete the first 3 classes before attending Dream Team 401. This week also gives those whom are currently serving, an option to change ministries. 
Classes are held monthly and you are encouraged to take any missed classes the following month so that you can attend 401.


We believe that there is a place for everyone to serve here at Legacy Church,  no matter what your gifts or abilities are. 

Next Step is available for ages 11 and up at the following campuses and times: 

Central Campus – Sundays at 10:45am          East Campus – Saturdays at 4:00pm
(If you are switching your ministry, please sign-up
by 10:30am with Next Step team - Central ONLY)

Rio Rancho Campus – Sundays at 9:00am    East Mountain – Sundays at 12:30pm


March 15 from 2-6pm

This will be an afternoon where all campuses will gather at Central Campus for one Giant Next Step session of all 4 classes!
If you are interested, sign-up below! 

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