Legacy Academy is so proud of our student-led chapel services.  Both of our campuses have chapel weekly on Friday's.  Our Chapel Band students lead praise and worship using the talents God has given them.  Our Chapel Class students have fun planning the chapel services.  



Legacy Academy primarily uses the ABEKA and Bob Jones curriculum. Supplemental material is used as needed. We believe it is best to build a strong educational foundation while teaching the Bible. The curriculum integrates a Biblical foundation while providing a traditional education for students to learn necessary skills that are vital to further their education.


Bible class is held in the classroom and is the first subject taught daily. Bible is taught using the ABEKA and Bob Jones curriculum and supplemental materials as needed. Legacy Academy uses the New King James Version of the Bible as the standard throughout all grades. Although teachers may use other versions to emphasize learning, it is important to have a standard version in classrooms for standardized class memorization and grading purposes.



Legacy Academy is accredited with the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools (ACTS). ACTS provides educational standards which Legacy Academy is required to fulfill in order to provide a quality education for your child. Legacy Academy is required to undergo an annual review with ACTS to maintain our accreditation status.

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